Twintip Kitesurfing - CrazyFly Elite III

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Size 132x41

Experience the lightness and power of the Elite III by CrazyFly - the pinnacle of kiteboarding technology and performance !

CrazyFly redefines the future of ultimate kiteboard. By mixing the technologies and the most advanced materials while focusing on the best possible performance, we have created the third version of the Elite board Elite III..

I'Elite III displays the sensuality of high performance and has the elegance of a pure design and without compromise. This board is a engineering masterpiece extremely light and demonstrates the exceptional expertise of CrazyFly in all areas of technology carbon fiber.

I'Elite III is more than a plank, it is a status. To complete its superiority, the Elite III board is delivered in a boardbag and the board is mounted, ready to tear up the body of water.

In terms of performance, I'Elite III was designed as a board freeride top of the line. As with all carbon boards, the Elite III has a lot of pop and dynamism, so the elasticity of the board will not disappoint you. Unlike other carbon boards, we think the Elite III is the most flexible carbon board on the market. It's really comfortable to ride. Due to its extremely light weight, it is very easy to maneuver and thanks to his double concave shape, you easily manage the chop and the upwind.

One of the big news on the Elite III is the use of two layers of carbon on each side of the board. One of the layers is ComFlex 4T5 Carbon, with fibers cut at 45 degrees for a optimum flex torsion, which make the board more rigid on the heel-toe axis. The second layer is carbon HMX-CF2, specially designed to provide robustness to the plank in its length. Carbon HMX-CF2 is a carbon material extremely thin, light and exhibiting an incredibly high tensile strength. The combination of these two types of carbon layers makes it possible to create a board with a soft and comfortable flex.

Thanks to the patented Air Inside Core technology, we managed to make the board a few more grams lighter than the previous Elite. His current weight makes news Elite III the lightest board in the world.

CompFlex 4T5 Carbon: the secret of the responsiveness and flexibility of the Elite III

One of the great novelties on the Elite III is the use of two layers of carbon on each side of the board. One of the layers is ComFlex 4T5 Carbon, with fibers cut at 45 degrees for optimal torsion flex, which make the board more rigid on the heel-toe axis, but softer along the length of the board. The CompFlex 4T5 makes the Elite III more dynamic and more reactive, while creating a more comfortable flex. The CompFlex 4T5 is coated with a new carbon HMX-CF2 of the brand that gives the board a resistance over the entire length of the board, but not too much stiffness.

The Luxury of Kitesurfing: high-end board with complete accessory kit

To complete its superiority, the Elite III board is comes with the most premium set available. The board is equipped with pads and of straps, ready to be launched. A board bag Fully padded Elite III to protect your valuable board is included, as well as multiple fin options, t-shirt, stickers, carry bag for accessories and even a certificate to show that you are the Elite.

Explore new peaks in kitesurfing with the Carbone Touch

With over 20 years of experience in the manipulation of carbon, CrazyFly takes it one step further by introducing technology most advanced carbon fiber in kiteboarding. The Elite III board was not built using the traditional top layer construction method. To drastically reduce its weight and to expose the raw and natural beauty of carbon, our engineers invented the Carbon Touch. The HMX-CF2 carbon makes use of nano-technology that incorporates a reinforced epoxy resin with fiber carbon T1000G. This alloy between the fibers is a real revolution compared to traditional methods, making the T1000G the carbon fiber with the most high tensile strength in the world. This technology not only makes the Elite III a lightweight, it also allows its rider to smell and feel the power behind the carbon fibers.

HMX-CF2: the technology of champions, now at your fingertips!

THE Carbon HMX-CF2 is the most advanced carbon fiber technology today. The combination of nano-technology, resin-reinforced nanotubes and T1000G carbon fiber created the most tensile strength fibers in the world. This pre-impregnated carbon always presents the best ratio of evenly distributed resin, creating the best possible molecular bonds. The cohesion between the fibers is thereby improved and then makes it possible to develop a unparalleled strength even in the off-axis fiber directions. Our expertise in the use of HMX-CF2 carbon allows us to provide you with a super light board without compromising on the transfer of power and the dynamic.

Unobtainium: the Essence of the Elite III, the Unique Kiteboard!

I'unobtainium is a material that does not exist. He has one priceless and is the one that best fulfills the requirements for which it was created. Since it doesn't exist, we didn't know how to use it, but we managed to apply this concept when creating the Elite board. Our designers and engineers have worked in mode “Unobtainium” and every tiniest feature of this deck has been designed and engineered as if it were made from Unobtainium. Each piece has been chosen with the greatest care and imagined so that it best fulfills the requirements of its function, in order to create a unique and incomparable whole.

Revolutionary "Air Inside" core: la Magic of a light and robust board

This patented technology is a revolution for kiteboarding. Real air spaces are introduced between the top and bottom layers of carbon fiber. The result A board with a  lightest core that you could see. This technology is unknown in kitesurfing. We removed pieces of the wooden core to optimize flex of the board and reduce weight. 

Absolute lightness: featherweight to tame the waves

The Elite III is definitely possible the lightest board produced in the world. In his medium size, 136x41cm, she only weighs a tiny bit 1760g. This represents 180g less than the first Elite. The fully equipped Elite II weighs just 2790g, making it the lightest board of the whole industry. Our engineers have spent an incredible amount of time analyzing all possible options to reduce its weight as much as possible. without losing strength or performance. Thanks to the latest technology “air inside” of our wood cores, used exclusively on the Elite III boards, coupled with the most advanced carbon technologies at present, we have succeeded in setting up a true featherweight masterpiece.

Unparalleled flexibility to enjoy dreamy flex or mind-blowing pop

A comfortable flex is something that many carbon boards lack. With the Elite III, our designers focused on achieving a comfortable medium flex. The result obtained is a most flexible carbon board that we have ever made. The Elite III combines the dynamic characteristics of a carbon board with a incredible pop and a comfortable flex very soft.


The strengths of the Kitesurf Board - Elite III:


132x41 / 136x41 / 140x42

  • the lightest board in the world
  • Air Inside Core Technology
  • Carbon HMX-CF2
  • Double concavity on the underside
  • Lots of pop with a comfortable flex
  • Unparalleled control and upwind

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