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Binary Binding - ergonomic footstraps for unparalleled comfort and custom fit!

The Binary have just been added to our range of straps. They allow a quick adjustment, even in the middle of a ride, which can be done with one hand. The footstrap is a little narrower and perfect for riders who prefer to push their toes up when winding upwind or jumping. Binary footstraps offer a wide range of adjustability and also allow comfortable use of Neoprene liners. The position of the footstraps can also be adjusted thanks to the Binary Stix, which allows the footstraps to be moved towards the toes or towards the heels.

The footpad has an ergonomic 3D shape and is made of dual density EVA for better comfort and a better fitting size. The pad can be moved in 6 directions: up and down, left and right, but also clockwise and anti-clockwise.

Our designers have worked hard to create the most ergonomic straps possible and we carefully choose top quality materials for unparalleled durability and comfort worthy of a 5 star. The leather from Italy used on the exterior of the Hexa footstraps is extremely resistant to abrasion, UV rays and salt water. Our Hexa straps are also entirely built in Europe, in our CrazyFly factory.

The Binary Straps - 5 star comfort and one hand adjustments!

Freedom of adjustments without limits: a multitude of options for more comfort

The Binary Straps offer an adjustment and adaptation capacity never before seen and guarantee a more than comfortable use in neoprene slippers thanks to its extra long velcro. Binary Straps can be adjusted up or down, but also forwards or backwards. The Hexa Straps can be adjusted in 6 different directions: up, down, left or right, but also in clockwise or anti-clockwise rotation.

Binary Stix: Quick and easy adjustments to find your ideal position

The Binary Stix can be adjusted forwards or backwards so you can find the most comfortable setting quickly, even when you're already cruising.

Diamond Grip, the innovation that ensures a solid grip

The Diamond Grip concept is based on a combination of diamond-shaped main channels for the evacuation of water thanks to the micropores which direct the water directly into these channels. This technology guarantees perfect evacuation of water on the pad to never compromise its grip.

An ultra-light and strong Fusion frame that redefines the standards of performance in Kitesurfing

The fusion frame is the new frame surrounding the Hexa pads, ultra-resistant, built using plastic injection in a mold and allowing direct contact between the footpad and the board. This technology considerably reduces the weight of the pads and ensures the best possible connection between the rider and his board.

Top-of-the-range materials, the guarantee of incomparable quality!

In order to guarantee you incomparable comfort and robustness with our Crazyfly bindings, we only use the highest quality materials, carefully selected. First, we chose premium leather for the footstraps, reinforced with a dual-density EVA cushion and lined with a thick, soft and strong neoprene layer. The pads are built on the basis of layers of double density EVA, surrounded by the brand new extremely solid Fusion frame, built on a plastic base injected into a mold. All plastic parts of Hexa Bindings are made from DuPont® Performance Polymers, providing superior strength and rigidity, as well as very high impact resistance.

Absolute comfort: the Hexa footpad, a real shock-absorbing cushion

Extremely sturdy and comfortable, these pads have been produced with the highest quality dual density EVA. Overlapping layers of EVA create a real shock-absorbing cushion under your heels. The Footpad Hexa has an ergonomic shape, in order to guarantee ultimate comfort.

The advantages of Binary Binding:

    • Easy one-handed adjustments
    • High quality materials
    • Diamond Grip
    • Heel pads
    • Fusion Frame

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