Foil Board CrazyFly - F-Lite 2023

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Size 99X44

Unleash your potential with the F-Lite foil: Speed, lightness, and absolute control!

The F-Lite is an ultra-light foil board with a very small volume, intended for intermediate to advanced level riders. It's a high performance, easy to ride board with a Diamond Grip footpad and concave top for smooth transitions. Familiar foil riders will appreciate its small size, featherweight and dynamic energy transfer within the foil itself. It was built with a raised nose and speed rocker to generate speed quickly and get you up on the foil in no time. Easy to disassemble and reassemble, the F-Lite will be the ideal travel companion. It not only promises incredible performance on the water, but also sensations like you've never had before!

Concave deck: the key to smooth handling and intuitive control

All our foil boards are built with a concave deck. The latter guarantees easy handling and control as well as easier jibes.

Mount your foil in a flash: push-in installation technology makes it easy

This unique technology for installing the foil on the board is easy and simple. The clamping screws do not pass through the board. Instead, you will find closed top inserts. As a result, mounting the foil is as easy as it can be, with only 4 screws. Thanks to our innovation, you won't find any screws protruding from the deck either. Nothing but a comfortable pad all the way.

Feel the confidence and responsiveness thanks to the central carbon reinforcements

Central carbon reinforcements on both sides of the board give our foils much more solidity, but also a feeling of the gliding dynamics that take place. You will feel an incredibly solid board that responds to your every request.

Comfort under your feet: the integral pad for a pleasant and carefree foiling experience

All our foil boards are fitted with an integral pad. The latter is very practical for traction on the board and for your safety during your falls. Thanks to our unique foil mounting system, there are also no screws sticking out of the pad. Nothing but a nice comfortable pad all the way.

Lightness and durability combined: explore the benefits of full carbon construction

Based on our 15 years of experience building high quality kiteboards with top performance, we simply believe that carbon fibers are irreplaceable. Ultra light and yet incredibly strong. This material is very dynamic and immediately returns to its original shape after any pressure, which guarantees very good pop dynamics in carbon fiber boards.

The strengths of Foil CrazyFly - F-Lite:


99x44 / 115x44

    • Full carbon construction
    • Ultra-compact, ultra-light
    • Nose up, speed rocker
    • Easy to navigate

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