Foil CrazyFly - Chill 2023

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Size 115x44

Dive into the foiling adventure with the Chill: Fun and suitable for beginners!

The Chill is an easy to ride all around foil board suitable for beginners and intermediate riders. With its compact size, high nose and fast rocker, it offers a good surface for early planning and will have you on the foil in no time. The concave deck allows easy and smooth handling of the board while its integral foodpad is practical for traction and safe in the event of falls. The Chill has an all new layup with 45 Eglass triaxial for added strength and carbon fiber center spars to increase energy transfer dynamics into the foil. With all that, you don't need more to go foil riding... and stretch out.

Central carbon reinforcements for unparalleled strength and exhilarating sensations

Central carbon reinforcements on both sides of the board give our foils much more solidity but also a feeling of the gliding dynamics that take place. You will feel an incredibly solid board that responds to your every request.

Nose raised: a valuable aid to avoid unwanted submersion

A raised nose on the foilboards gives a little boost when trying to get the foil out of the water: its shape prevents it from getting overwhelmed by small waves. Also, when you are already standing on the foil and inadvertently lower the nose of the board, this feature will give you a better chance of getting back up, compared to other boards.

Resistance in all directions with the Triaxial 45 Eglass

The Triaxial 45 Eglass supports the board in 3 directions, making it 3 times stronger. Strategic placement of this material allowed Crazyfly to achieve higher torsional stiffness without increasing stiffness down the length of the board. The result: a much more sensitive board, generally stronger while maintaining a comfortable flex.

Integral pad on the whole board: comfort and safety above all!

All our foil boards are fitted with an integral pad. The latter is very practical for traction on the board and for your safety during your falls. Thanks to our unique foil mounting system, there are also no screws sticking out of the pad. Nothing but a nice comfortable pad all the way.

Concave deck: your ally for easier maneuvers and an improved experience

All our foil boards are built with a concave deck. The latter guarantees easy handling and control as well as easier jibes.

Simplified foil mounting, insert technology makes everything easier

This unique technology for installing the foil on the board is easy and simple. The clamping screws do not pass through the board. Instead, you will find closed top inserts. As a result, mounting the foil is as easy as it can be, with only 4 screws. Thanks to our innovation, you won't find any screws protruding from the deck either. Nothing but a comfortable pad all the way.

Optimal flexibility and resistance thanks to multiaxial glass fibers

Thanks to the multiaxial fibres, the board has more torsional flex, but remains very strong, thanks to the placement of the fibers which provide reinforcement in all directions.

The strengths of Foil CrazyFly - Chill


115x44 / 130x46

    • Small foil board
    • New Eglass 45 fiberglass construction
    • Nose up, speed rocker
    • concave deck
    • Easy to ride

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