Foil Board - CrazyFly Pure 2021

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Size 77 X 43

Fly in complete freedom with Pure: The ultra-light and compact pocket foil that will follow you everywhere, ready to offer you exceptional moments!

The Pure is the foil like you've never seen it before. Minimum size, minimalist design and extremely light thanks to its full carbon layer, without any compromise on performance. In its medium size, 88 x 43 cm, the Pure, with integral pad, weighs a tiny 1580g, making it the lightest foil board in the world. The Pure is a jewel of engineering thanks in particular to the Air Inside technology used for its core and it demonstrates with excellence CrazyFly's expertise in the manipulation of carbon fibers.

The Pure is for higher level intermediate riders, who know how to hold on to a foil, but also for experienced riders who are simply looking for a foil of unparalleled lightness. It has a semi-raised nose so as not to push back the water and to slow down when descending, but it still requires certain abilities in order to be able to recover from such a descent. Experienced riders will undoubtedly appreciate its featherweight during their jumps and everyone will agree on its ultra-practical size to navigate, but also to transport it. The Pure is perfectly usable with or without straps but also with an attachment for the rear foot. Don't get tired anymore, it will take no effort to tilt the Pure and do your water starts easily and at full speed. The carbon fibers used for its manufacture as well as a concave deck give it a certain flexibility, but while remaining quite rigid, allowing it to respond quickly and precisely to the demands of the rider as well as providing a reassuring feeling of solidity. The Pure is ultimately, thanks to its size and featherweight, your new travel buddy.

The Pure has a unique position to mount a foil and be used with the 165x90 mm mast.

Defy gravity with a featherweight foil that will have you soaring through the air effortlessly

The Pure is undoubtedly the lightest foil board on the market. In its average size, 88x43cm, the board, including its integral pad, weighs a tiny 1580g. Our engineers have taken advantage of our 20 years of experience in building ultra-lightweight products like windsurf, surf, kite and foil boards. With this knowledge, they managed to get rid of unnecessary weight without compromising on the strength and performance of our boards. Thanks to the brand new “air inside” technology of our wooden cores as well as the handling of high-end carbon, we have succeeded in creating a true featherweight masterpiece.

Carbone Touch: The harmonious alliance of lightness and raw beauty for intense sensations

With over 20 years of experience in handling carbon, CrazyFly takes it one step further by introducing the most advanced carbon fiber technology in kiteboarding. The Pure board was not built using the traditional top and bottom layer construction method. To drastically reduce its weight and to expose the raw and natural beauty of carbon, our engineers invented the Carbon Touch. This technology not only makes the Pure lightweight, it also allows its rider to feel and feel the power behind the carbon fibers.

"Air Inside" core, a technology that redefines lightness in kiteboarding

This patented technology is a revolution for kiteboarding. Real air spaces are introduced between the top and bottom layers of carbon fiber. The result ? A board with the lightest core you've seen. This technology is unknown in kitesurfing. We removed pieces of the wood core to optimize board flex and reduce weight. Real air spaces are introduced between the top and bottom layers of carbon fiber.

Meticulously hand-built from premium quality carbon

Machine cut with precision, but placed and laminated by hand, with the utmost attention to detail. This is the ultra-high quality full carbon layer of the Pure boards. When it comes to stiffness, dynamics and energy transfer, carbon fibers are simply irreplaceable. They guarantee unequaled performance, very high solidity with a slightly lower weight. All the key ingredients of our Pure planks.

Hassle-free foil installation system: Simplicity & speed guaranteed

This unique technology for installing the foil on the board is easy and simple. The clamping screws do not pass through the board. Instead, you will find closed top inserts. As a result, mounting the foil is as easy as it can be, with only 4 screws. Thanks to our innovation, you won't find any screws protruding from the deck either. Nothing but a comfortable pad all the way.

Take advantage of an integral pad for unique sensations and safe navigation

All our foil boards are fitted with an integral pad. The latter is very practical for traction on the board and for your safety during your falls. Thanks to our unique foil mounting system, there are also no screws sticking out of the pad. Nothing but a nice comfortable pad all the way.

The strengths of Foil CrazyFly - Pure:


77x43 / 88x43 / 99x44

    • The lightest foil board in the world
    • Minimalist and minimalist design
    • Air Inside Core Technology
    • High quality carbon construction
    • Handmade with precision in the CrazyFly factory

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