Foot Straps ( pads ) Kitesurfing - Hexa Binding II

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Color Hexa II Red

Hexa Binding II for Kitesurfing: the ultimate straps for tailor-made performance and a perfect fit, with unlimited adjustments!

The Hexa Straps allow almost unlimited adjustments in all directions to adapt to all sizes and shapes of feet, to guarantee the rider unparalleled comfort and board sensations.

All strap adjustments can be made quickly and easily to create the ultimate connection between rider and board.

The floor of the Hexa can be moved in 6 directions: up and down, left and right, but also clockwise and anti-clockwise.

The Hexa footstraps also offer a wide range of possible adjustments, which are just as easy to make. They offer 4 points of modifications to guarantee the perfect combination. All these adjustments allow you to easily adjust your straps to go from a barefoot ride to a ride in Neoprene slippers while keeping the comfort of your settings.

The position of the footstrap can also be adjusted via our Quattro Stix, which allows the footstrap to be moved forward towards the toes or backwards towards the heels.

In addition to all these adjustments, we have also introduced a floor reinforcement in the heel area with triple density EVA foam.

Our designers have worked hard to create the most ergonomic straps possible and have carefully chosen top quality materials for unparalleled durability and 5-star comfort. The leather from Italy used on the exterior of the Hexa footstraps is extremely resistant to abrasion, UV rays and salt water. Our Hexa straps are also entirely built in Europe, in our CrazyFly factory.

Hexa Straps – Unlimited Adjustments and 5 Star Comfort!

Hexa footpad: exceptional comfort and remarkable durability

Extremely sturdy and comfortable, these pads have been produced with the highest quality dual density EVA. Overlapping layers of EVA create a real shock-absorbing cushion under your heels. The Footpad Hexa has an ergonomic shape, in order to guarantee ultimate comfort.

Fusion frame: a perfect combination of lightness and strength

The fusion frame is the new frame surrounding the Hexa pads, ultra-resistant, built using plastic injection in a mold and allowing direct contact between the footpad and the board. This technology considerably reduces the weight of the pads and ensures the best possible connection between the rider and his board.

Unlimited freedom of adjustment: the infinite possibilities of the new bindings

The Bindings Hexa offer an ability to adjust and adapt never before seen and guarantee a more than comfortable use in neoprene slippers thanks to its extra long velcro. They can be adjusted in 6 different directions: up, down, left or right, but also clockwise or anti-clockwise rotation. The Hexa Straps can be moved up or down, forwards or backwards, as well as angle rotation.

Multi-directional support: the Quattro Stix offer a precise fit forward and backward!

They offer better support for the foot and unparalleled comfort. The Quattro Stix can be adjusted forwards or backwards to find the best and most comfortable position for your straps.

    The advantages of Binding - Hexa Binding II:

      • Unlimited settings
      • High quality materials
      • Diamond Grip
      • Heel pads
      • Fusion Frame

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