Twintip Kitesurf - Raptor 2023

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Size 135x41

Raptor: New shape, maximum performance, the future of kitesurfing has arrived!

After spending 16 years proving his abilities at your feet, the legend of our board range still impresses.

The Raptor is a high performance freestyle/freeride board for intermediate to pro level riders.

This year we've given it a whole new shape, making it even more efficient by maximizing its bottom surface without making it too bulky or bulky.

Edge Control Track technology rails on the back of the board to increase its grip and a slightly marked V center for more control at high speed.

The new 45 degree Triaxial Eglass assembly guarantees greater rigidity on the axis from the ankles to the toes for more pop and flex along the length of the board, to ultimately guarantee more comfort in the landings.

Split carbon spars on both sides of the board give our Raptor a whole new dynamic.

Step Cap technology has allowed us to use thinner rails to give you unprecedented upwind performance.

Exclusively, CrazyFly has used the very latest Nano Glide technology for the back of the board. The latter helps to better go upwind thanks to its micro channels. The Nano Glide coating offers better gliding properties and allows you to pick up speed faster. This new technology will also better protect your board against possible scratches.

The top of the board is embellished with an all new design to keep the Raptor its original eye-catching look.

The Raptor can be equipped with pads and straps as well as wake bindings.

The 2023 Raptor - The future is now!

Dynamism at its peak thanks to double carbon reinforcements

Double longitudinal carbon reinforcements on both sides of the board give the Raptor an even more dynamic feeling. Its load 'n' pop is simply incredible, without compromising on its flex, always so comfortable.

Triaxial 45 Eglass, a board three times stronger to push your limits!

The Triaxial 45 Eglass supports the board in 3 directions, making it 3 times stronger. Strategic placement of this material allowed Crazyfly to achieve higher torsional stiffness without increasing stiffness down the length of the board. The result: a much more sensitive board, generally stronger while maintaining a comfortable flex.

Dominate the waves with precision thanks to the Edge Control Track for unparalleled grip

THE Edge Control Track on the underside of the board offer a excellent grip, better ability to upwind, but also helps keep the direction.

The Nano Glide coating propels you to a higher speed and improves your grip

In 2017, crazyfly introduced the Nano Glide coating on the underside of the boards Raptor and Raptor LTD and remains today the only brand offering this more than innovative technology on kiteboards. THE micro channels on the coating Nano Glide of the foil help when notching and allow better upwind. The Nano Glide also guarantees best gliding properties and generates speed faster, while making the foil more scratch resistant.

Fly with the Raptor and its V-Tips for sensational kitesurfing sessions

The V-Tips guarantee excellent upwind and a bunch of grip , to notch before your jumps .

Step Cap, new gliding sensations and superior upwind performance

Technology Step Cap allows the use of thinner rails, which increases the capacity of lifts in the wind and fluidity of the board.

Invisible inserts ensure a clean look and full board flexibility

THE invisible inserts represent a characteristic innovative , creating a beautiful single surface on the underside of the board. Not only does the board have a good best look, but it also allows not to have no interference with the flex of the board and, CrazyFly designers to be more creative, without limit. The inserts are only visible on the top of the board , to install pads and straps.

Carbon molded fins, for performance that defies all expectations

Stronger than steel! The carbon fins injection molded are extremely robust and incredibly light.

The strong points of the Twintip Kitesurf - Raptor:


135x41 / 137x41 / 137x43 / 140x42 / 143x43

    • Hyper Versatile
    • Dynamic
    • Very good upwind
    • 16 years of experience at your feet

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