Twintip Kitesurfing - Raptor Acton 2023

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Size 135x40

Live the ultimate freeride experience: The Acton 2023, your invitation to adrenaline!

The Acton 2023 board is a board specially designed for freeriding.

If you are looking for a kiteboard with good performance, a stylish look and a more than attractive price, the Acton is the board for you.

A refined contour and improved 3D pattern on the wood core provides better upwind and flexibility for a light, free ride.

The Acton is equipped with Step Cap Deck technology for better edge grip and even better upwind performance.

Added to all this is the underside with a unique concavity (which has already been proven), making the Acton a dream to ride.

With its new wood core and improved pop, the Acton is no longer just a beginner's board, but a much more refined and serious board to ride. It will also satisfy more experienced riders.

The construction is second to none with a fully 3D CNC shaped wood core, multi-axial fiberglass layer and Fusion sidewalls. These three high quality elements allow the board to deliver fantastic performance on the water, designed to suit a wide range of riders, from beginners to intermediates.

Acton 2023 – The ultimate freeride!

Fusion Side Walls for an ultra-resistant kiteboard ready to conquer the oceans

Big news for the 2020 boards, the Fusion Side Walls (assembly of the edge of the board) are the strongest ever created. They have been constructed from a special mix of the latest high quality polymers, creating unprecedented strength and assembly.

Step Cap: refined edges, superior upwind and unparalleled agility

Technology Step Cap allows the use of thinner rails, which increases the capacity of lifts in the wind and fluidity of the board.

Multiaxial fiberglass: remarkable flexibility and maximum strength in all directions

Thanks to the multiaxial fibres, the board has more torsional flex, but remains very strong, thanks to the placement of the fibers which provide reinforcement in all directions.

Invisible inserts for a clean look and an uncompromising riding experience

THE invisible inserts represent a characteristic innovative , creating a beautiful single surface on the underside of the board. Not only does the board have a good best look, but it also allows not to have no interference with the flex of the board and, CrazyFly designers to be more creative, without limit. The inserts are only visible on the top of the board , to install pads and straps.

Carbon fins: power and lightness for fluid maneuvers and absolute control

Stronger than steel! The carbon fins injection molded are extremely robust and incredibly light.

The strengths of Twintip Kitesurfing - Raptor Acton


135x40 / 138x40 / 138x43 / 140x42 / 145x44 / 145x48

    • Very comfortable
    • Easy to ride
    • Very good upwind
    • Comfortable in the waves

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