Twintip Kitesurfing - Raptor Extreme 2023

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Size 132x41

Fly to infinity and beyond the moon with the Raptor Extreme 2023, the kiteboard that transports you to intergalactic heights!

The Raptor Extreme became, upon its release, our best-seller.

Designed and developed by Big Air champion Posito Martinez, the Raptor Extreme can't be defined as anything other than a Big Air machine.

It is based on the legendary shape of the Raptor, modified to perfectly match the needs and demands of the Big Air discipline, such as resisting landings without flinching from cloud-touching jumps , even with wake boots.

Despite its ultra-robust construction, the Raptor Extreme maintains the line with a very light weight thanks to its full carbon construction. One of the main objectives of its design was to get as much pop as possible and let me tell you that we managed to exceed our own expectations. It will literally send you to the moon!

This year the Raptor Extreme features an all new shape where we maximized the toe area to deliver better pop.

Its shape is characterized by the Edge Control Track technology on the underside for more grip and a subtle V center to stay in control no matter how fast it takes you.

All-new, highest quality Quadriaxial Carbon has been used exclusively on this board, ensuring extreme strength and more transverse stiffness to maximize pop and greater longitudinal flex to maintain soft landings and your comfort.

Another unique feature of the Raptor Extreme is its ultra-resistant and protective layer taken from CrazyFly wakeboards. Thanks to it, the Raptor Extreme is and will remain extremely solid and robust.

Another CrazyFly exclusive and innovation is the Nano Glide coating on the underside of the board. This little feature allows you to increase the board's upwind capacities, to lock more efficiently and to keep your trajectory, thanks to its micro channels. This layer also has better gliding properties and generates speed much faster. In addition, it is more resistant to claws and other scratches.

The top of the board has also been redone, with a brand new design, to keep its well-known flashy look .

The Raptor Extreme is compatible with pads and straps but also with wake bindings.

The Raptor Extreme 2023 - Embark for the Moon!

Exceed your expectations with the Elite III and its Fusion Side Walls, solidity without compromise!

Big new for 2020 boards, the Fusion Side Walls (assembly of the edge of the board) are the strongest ever created. They have been constructed from a special mix of the latest high quality polymers , creating unprecedented strength and assembly.

The perfect fusion between solidity and extreme pop thanks to the Quadriaxial Carbon layer

The brand new high quality Quadriaxial Carbon layer used on the Raptor Extreme and Legend boards guarantees extreme solidity as well as greater rigidity in the axis of the foot for more pop and more flexibility according to the length of the board, in order to to increase comfort.

Navigate with precision and style with Edge Control Track

The Edge Control Track on the underside of the board offers excellent grip, better upwind capabilities, but also helps to maintain the course.

Push the limits of speed and grip with the Nano Glide coating

In 2017, Crazyfly introduced the Nano Glide coating on the underside of Raptor and Raptor LTD boards and today remains the only brand offering this more than innovative technology on kiteboards. The micro channels on the Nano Glide coating of the foil help when notching and allow better upwind. The Nano Glide also guarantees better gliding properties and allows you to generate speed faster, while making the foil more resistant to scratches.

V tips for explosive performance and sensational jumps!

The V-Tips guarantee excellent upwind and a bunch of grip , to notch before your jumps.

Master the winds with ease thanks to the Step Cap of the Elite III

The Step Cap technology allows the use of thinner rails, which increases the board's upwind and fluidity capabilities.

Invisible inserts for an uncompromising look and optimal flexibility

The invisible inserts represent an innovative feature, creating a unique beautiful surface on the underside of the board. Not only does the board look much better, but it also allows for zero interference with the flex of the board and allows CrazyFly designers to be more creative, without limits. The inserts are only visible on the top of the board , to install the pads and the straps.

Carbon fins, unequaled robustness to accompany you in all your adventures

Stronger than steel! The carbon fins injection molded are extremely robust and incredibly light.

The advantages of the Twintip Kitesurf - Raptor Extreme:


132x41 / 135x41 / 138x42 / 140x42 / 142x43

- Most popular board in the range

- New shape

-Big Air

- Rocket-worthy pop

- Handles extreme landings, assured control

- Full carbon construction

- Superior control

- Compatible with straps and wake bindings

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