Twintip Kitesurfing - Raptor LTD 2023

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Size 132x41

The Raptor LTD is back - Rediscover the legend of kitesurfing!

The Raptor LTD is a true legend in our catalog. It is quite simply one of the best boards ever built. The Raptor LTD has also been declined in a Neon version for riders who would like better visibility of their board in dark waters.

True to its reputation as the queen of freeride/freestyle, the Raptor LTD remains in 2023 an ultra-light full carbon masterpiece. Its new Elliptical concave shape provides the board with incomparable comfort and its double V channels allow a much better grip in pop. Soft and flexible in freeride, the Raptor LTD is also dynamic and responsive in freestyle. The latest CompFlex 4T5 carbon technology used on the underside of the board makes the new LTD even more comfortable and easy to handle, especially in rough waters. This all-new carbon innovation gives the board significantly more flex without compromising strength or durability.

Exclusively, CrazyFly has added the latest Nano Glide technology below the board. The latter helps to better go upwind thanks to its micro channels. The Nano Glide coating offers better gliding properties and allows you to pick up speed faster. This new technology will also better protect your board against possible scratches. The top of the board features an all new design to keep the Raptor LTD's original eye-catching look.

Your comfort and sliding sensations will be at their peak by installing Hexa LTD straps on your Raptor LTD. If you want to ride with wake boots, we advise you to focus on the following boards: Raptor Extreme, Raptor or the Legend.

The Raptor LTD 2023 – The return of the legend!

Double V ends for explosive performance and dizzying jumps!

Double V ends improve the grip of the board when you bite before a pop. This particular shape creates more grip in the water and results in better pop and higher jumps.

Double concavity ellipse: a revolutionary shape for incomparable ride sensations

The double concavity Ellipse is our latest innovation in bottom board shape, developed especially for the Raptor LTD. The concavities create an ellipse-shaped curve, which smoothly extends to the ends of the board. This new feature guarantees unimaginable control, grip and upwind, but at the same time makes the board much more comfortable and much smoother to ride in the waves.

The secret to ultimate speed and grip is the Nano Glide coating

In 2017, crazyfly introduced the Nano Glide coating on the underside of the boards Raptor and Raptor LTD and remains today the only brand offering this more than innovative technology on kiteboards. THE micro channels on the coating Nano Glide of the foil help when notching and allow better upwind. The Nano Glide also guarantees best gliding properties and generates speed faster, while making the foil more scratch resistant.

More flex, more comfort with CompFlex 4T5 carbon, a real improvement

The added CompFlex 4T5 carbon on the underside of the board makes the LTD even more comfortable and smooth, especially in rough waters. This brand new carbon innovation guarantees better flex without compromising on strength. In addition, this new carbon weave is finer and therefore requires less epoxy, resulting in a 0.1 kg weight reduction compared to previous models.

Full carbon: a board light as a feather, but solid as a rock

Based on our 15 years of experience building high quality kiteboards with top performance, we simply believe that carbon fibers are irreplaceable. Ultra light and yet incredibly strong . This material is very dynamic and immediately returns to its original shape after any pressure , which guarantees very good pop dynamics in carbon fiber boards.

Step Cap: marked edges for breathtaking performance

The Step Cap technology allows the use of thinner rails, which increases the board's upwind and fluidity capabilities.

Sleek styling and unparalleled performance with invisible inserts

THE invisible inserts represent a characteristic innovative , creating a beautiful single surface on the underside of the board. Not only does the board have a good best look, but it also allows not to have no interference with the flex of the board and, CrazyFly designers to be more creative, without limit. The inserts are only visible on the top of the board , to install pads and straps.

Carbon fins: lightness and solidity, for exceptional kitesurfing sessions!

Stronger than steel! The injection molded carbon fins are extremely strong and incredibly light.

The strengths of Twintip Kitesurfing - Raptor LTD


132x41 / 136x41 / 140x42 / 143x43

- Ultra light

- Full carbon construction

- Ellipse double concavity underside

- Lots of pop and comfortable flex

- Assured control

- Wave Eater

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