Twintip Lightwind Kitesurf - Cruiser 2023

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Size 154x44

Reach new heights with the Lightwind - Cruiser LW and its Inverted Outline!

The Inverted Outline saves weight in the center of the board and creates larger contact surfaces at the ends of the board where it has the most contact with the water when you are edging. You receive the best of both worlds: optimized weight and a large contact area with the water, for unparalleled upwind performance.

Torsional flexibility and strength combined thanks to multiaxial glass fibers

Thanks to the multiaxial fibres, the board has more torsional flex but remains very strong, thanks to the placement of the fibers which provide reinforcement in all directions.

Maximize your upwind abilities with Step Cap technology

The Step Cap technology allows the use of thinner rails, which increases the board's upwind and fluidity capabilities.

Asymmetrical fins: superior grip for optimal performance

The fins are positioned on the lower part and on the center of the extremities of the board. Thanks to this new asymmetrical position, the fins remain constantly in the water and allow you better upwind performance, worthy of boards specially designed for lightwind, such as the Slicer.

Elegance in the details: invisible inserts provide a perfect finish

The invisible inserts represent an innovative feature, creating a unique beautiful surface on the underside of the board. Not only does the board look much better, but it also allows for zero interference with the flex of the board and "CrazyFly" designers to be more creative, limitless. The inserts are only visible on the top of the board, to install pads and straps.

Highlights of the Lightwind - Cruiser LW:


154x44 / 160x44

    • Full carbon construction
    • New outline
    • Extremely light weight
    • Excellent upwind performance

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