Surfwear : comment entretenir ses vêtements, bonnets, casquettes

Surfwear: how to maintain your clothes, hats, caps

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How to maintain your clothes, hats, caps

Clothing is often a reflection of the person. Dressing well allows you to protect your body and appear elegant in front of others. Clothes therefore play an essential role in your social life. Your clothing is the first thing your partner notices when you are in front of him.

Choosing the right garment is therefore essential and by declination, its maintenance is just as important.

To be completely sheltered from bad weather, you can protect your head with a cap or a hat depending on the weather. A cap is more appropriate when it's hot, while a beanie better protects your skull from the cold.

It is not enough to have beautiful clothes, hats and caps, it is also important to know how to maintain them well. Discover in this article how to keep the beauty and shine of your fashion accessories intact so that you always look good.

A few tips for taking good care of your cotton clothes

Cotton is a very popular textile. It does not attack the skin and effectively protects against the cold. Generally consumers prefer it to other textiles, especially those that are synthetic. Cotton is a natural material derived from the cotton plant.

At first glance, one might think that the maintenance of a cotton fabric garment is easy. In fact, it can be much more difficult than you think. Cotton clothes are rather very delicate. To preserve their shine for a long time, you have to know how to take certain important actions.

  • Color management: cotton was originally white. But cotton clothes come in all colors. These colors are often added to the fabric to achieve exactly the effect the fashion designer is looking for when designing a garment. One of the biggest challenges when cleaning your cotton garments is preventing the colors in certain parts of a garment or other garments from spreading to all of the garments you are washing. You will therefore proceed before any laundry to sort your cotton clothes according to their colors. For the particular case of a garment that has different colors, you will first test whether these colors can spread easily over the entire garment. To do this take a cotton swab, dip it in hot water, rub the colored part. If the cotton swab turns from white to the color of the rubbed part then it will have to be cleaned first and very gently.
  • The procedure to avoid seeing your garment shrink: when washing your cotton garment, never use water that has a temperature of more than thirty degrees Celsius. Also it is best to always wash your cotton clothes inside out. This instruction also applies to ironing. Regarding drying, cotton clothes should be dried in the open air. When you respect these few recommendations, you will keep your cotton clothes well and for a long time.

Caring for your beanies, precautions to take

The maintenance of your beanie will depend on the material with which it was made. It is a very useful fashion accessory in cold weather. Your health in winter is therefore linked to the quality of your hat. It is not good to catch cold in the head. Proper maintenance of your hats is therefore very important.

The first tip regarding the washing of your caps is to always read the labels they carry and to strictly follow the instructions marked there. Hats made from natural textiles such as wool or silk are the most delicate.

Regarding wool, it is strongly recommended to wash your hat by hand. After washing it must dry completely before being worn again. When drying it is better to avoid exposing it too long to the sun. It is best to lay it out on a towel and let it dry slowly. Ironing your woolen hat is not mandatory. If you want to iron it, do it at a very low temperature. Angora beanies are just as fragile as wool ones, with the only difference that they can only be cleaned with cold water.

Silk bonnets are very fragile. They should be washed gently by hand. After rinsing, do not wring them to remove the water. Do not expose them to the sun to dry them. Ironing is not recommended. When you put on perfume, don't let it get on your silk cap. If ever a stain forms on your cap, avoid removing it with water.

Cashmere fabric hats are easier to maintain. You can clean them by hand or by machine and always with cold water. It is not recommended to twist them after rinsing. Because they are easy to clean, you will be able to wear them every day without any problem.

As for the hats made from acrylic or polyamide fabric, you can wash them with a machine without any problem. But for drying the use of a dryer is prohibited. It is important to always use laundry water at thirty degrees temperature to clean them properly.

How to properly clean your caps

The cap effectively protects your head from the sun's rays. For a walk in the open air or for a prospecting or selling activity in the street, always protect yourself with a cap. But it is also a fashion accessory that can enhance your clothing. It therefore plays a dual role by allowing you to be well dressed and preserving your health. There are a few tips for taking good care of your caps.

  • Always clean your cap by hand: to wash your cap properly, you will have to look in every little corner where your perspiration has gone. To carry out such an operation, the use of a washing machine is really not practical.
  • Use Marseille soap and lukewarm water: for optimal cleaning of your cap, always use lukewarm water and Marseille soap. With these tools you will be able to remove all the stains that have formed on your cap.
  • Always dry your cap in the open air: as with washing machines, the use of dryers is not recommended for caps. Lay your cap on a towel and let it dry slowly. Make sure the cap is completely dry before wearing it again. Ironing caps is not necessary. Avoid twisting or creasing them while cleaning them.
  • To keep the colors present on your caps intact, they should never be cleaned with bleach.

Here are some simple tips for taking good care of your cotton clothes, beanies and caps. It is essential to always read the labels on your clothing and follow the recommendations. This will allow you to keep your clothes, hats and caps for a long time.

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