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Today, surfing has become a much more practiced sport by many people around the world. Long underrated, surfing is not only a sport, but also an exercise that has a positive effect on several organs in your body.

Beyond loving surfing, it is necessary to know how to swim. Doing tricks on the waves, sliding on the waves with a board is simply breathtaking. Whether you are a beginner, amateur or professional, it is essential to meet some rather essential conditions before embarking on your surfing trip. In this article, we will reveal how to prepare physically, but also in nutrition before going surfing . Fasten your seatbelts and just keep reading!

To start, you must first know what surfing is all about

What is surfing?

As you have already guessed, surfing is a sport that involves sliding on sea waves while standing on a board. But not just any board. A surf board. It allows you to slide on sea waves while representing several figures.

It is a sport that is practiced on the coasts where the sea waves are much more frequent. These places are commonly called spots in surfing jargon. Like any other sport, surfing is a sport that has its advantages, disadvantages and also its risks. To minimize the risk of accidents in this field of sport, there are rules and also mandatory prerequisites to respect whether you are a professional or a beginner.

How to prepare before going surfing?

Preparing before a surf session has many advantages. It allows you:

  • to avoid accidents
  • improve your body awareness
  • to be less tired during and after the session
  • prepare for bodybuilding

As you know, surfing is a sport that requires a lot of energy and for your surfing to be perfect while guaranteeing you safety, you must improve several points including:

stamina and power

Surfing is a sport that is practiced 95% in water. So for the rowing phase, you must have enough stamina to achieve this. Then comes the step of taking support to stand up on your board. After several minutes of hand rowing, it is normal for you to have tired arms, and these arms will be used to support you when you get up. This step also requires enough power. That's why you have to work a lot on these two factors by doing weight training.


In this discipline, you are also called upon to have enough energy to promote your wave and explosive entry. For this, you must be able to tap into your reserves of strength to get there. And to improve this part too, you must also work on your explosiveness.


It is obvious that you must be flexible before launching into your sessions. To be able to do tricks and slide well on waves, big waves, you have to be flexible. And to improve this, yoga is your best ally.


As I announced above, you must also be a fan of swimming and especially apnea. Because during your falls, you must know that you will find yourself directly in the sea and at a certain depth. And to get out of it, you're going to have to have a good breath. So you will also have to work a lot on your breathing.

Surfing and swimming are two water sports that go hand in hand. On the other hand, to improve your endurance in the field of surfing, you must practice swimming a lot, because the latter helps you a lot in your cardiac exercise. With swimming, you have the opportunity to work on your cardio for endurance and this is very favorable for surfing.

Physical conditions

You should also increase your swimming frequency to get your body used to swimming. This is also a factor that favors you in the field of surfing. Also, it is important to improve your front crawl in order to be comfortable in your rowing step. What you will decide to do.


They are essential in the field of surfing. They allow you to balance on your board and perform all imaginary tricks. Here too, no need to register for the Gym. A few basic abdominal exercises will do the trick and help you a lot. Also, you have to practice a lot on your board, because balance is essential in surfing and above all is essential.

Remember that all of these exercises go hand in hand and one without the other will not have the effect you desire. When it comes to bodybuilding, you don't necessarily have to go join the gym. Some basic strength training exercise will do you well.

The same is true for Yoga and stretching. A few minutes after you wake up in the morning will do the trick. Just a few stretching exercises to stretch your body so it's as flexible as possible. It is also an exercise that makes you happy all your working day.

The most important thing is to multiply your swim and surf training sessions in order to have perfect surf sessions. Without training, you will not progress.

Now that you know enough about how to prepare for a surf session, you can go to your surf session after a good preparation and have fun.

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