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Nowadays, many sports disciplines are born around the world. The world of water sports knows the birth of a very special sport that is PADDLE BOARD.

As interesting as these predecessors, many people are interested in it and embark on it in order to experience happiness at sea. Other people, having recently discovered the sport, are interested in it and wonder how they can participate in it. But above all, and like the routine in water sports, you must have adequate equipment and above all have clothing that conforms to the discipline that protects you from possible dangers or accidents that may occur.

In this article, we are going to reveal to you what you should wear in order to live well from your PADDLE BOARD session.


Still known as paddle boarding, paddle boarding is a sport that is practiced at sea and which simply consists of lying face down on a board and moving forward with arm movements in the water, also called rowing. It is often confused with stand up paddle, still called paddle paddle which is practiced by standing on the board and using a paddle for the oar.

But like any sport, you must comply with certain requirements of discipline for your own safety. To do this, you must have the necessary equipment and especially the essential clothing before embarking on a paddle board session.

Above all, you must agree that with this discipline, clothing comfort is the essential element. It is then useless to get a very nice board and after having disgust or displeasure with the discipline because of your negligence with the clothing strain. Paddle boarding is a sport that is practiced at sea so you must take care of the freshness and above all avoid light clothing. And to make a good choice of your coatings for the paddle board you must take into account several essential factors such as the wind, the temperature of the water, the general climate, the sunshine and especially the rain.

Hot water coating

Being a water sport, and exercised in hot weather, you can put on a simple t-shirt and light panties to really enjoy your experience on warm waters. It's a unique experience, but as I said, here, you adopt this coating because you are in hot seas and in hot weather. You will fully experience your session on a calm sea. This is a beginner-friendly look for a start in the discipline of paddle boarding. But as you know, much lighter clothes dry out quite quickly, and with each contact with salt water, they gradually deteriorate. So this outfit also has these limits.

Specialized clothing for paddle boarding

We can talk here about clothes designed specifically for paddle boarding. As in all sports, your covering or clothing should in no way be a source of discomfort or a hindrance in your exercise of the said sport. For this, it is meticulously thought out to allow you to carry out your activity with ease. This is why it is thought in the field of paddleboarding, personalized t-shirts that have the ability to dry after your activity without being damaged, because they are resistant to salt water. Also, they are very resistant to UV rays and allow your body to maintain a pleasant and adequate temperature for your session. Also, when choosing your coatings, don't forget to favor colors that will be visible at sea for your safety in the event of an accident or danger. It is also an essential factor.

Coating in cold water

When you decide to perform a paddle board session in winter, then in this case you should always wear much more protective clothing. As I said, you should choose your clothes based on the water temperature and also several other factors. For this, there are several specialized garments on the market for winter or cold water sessions that protect you against the cold. They are usually combinations that you can choose from. You can have wetsuits with long or short legs and sleeves that keep you warm. We offer you the combination of t-shirts which is available in short sleeves, long sleeves and also in panties that you can wear and adapted to your desires. For example, you can get the jumpsuit with long sleeves and then fold the sleeves to make them short sleeves. They are very practical and have an undisputed flexibility. They are made of material that resists salt water and dries very quickly. You can also get special neoprene shoes that keep your feet warm to prevent you from catching cold.

It is therefore essential to have a good coating before scheduling your paddle board session. You must also necessarily have your buoyancy vest especially when you are a beginner even if you know how to swim. It is also very important not to forget your feet, as they are also exposed to the cold. You can choose to have a water bottle belt to carry some water with you. Now that you know enough about what to wear for a paddle board session, then you don't have to worry about it anymore.

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