Got Wet Surfwear

You have a great community on social networks and you want to promote it by offering attractive and Eco-Responsible Surfwear products?

Are you a sports enthusiast who is passionate about Surfing and Water Sports and very present on your social networks?

Then we have the program you need!

How it works ?

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Join our Program by filling out a simple form. Indicate the links to your Social Networks and validate your form. You will receive an email confirming your registration quickly!

Please note: our program is reserved for adults over 18 years old.

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Choose from our various collections the products that you want to promote and offer them to your Community via your Social Networks.

We have simple and intuitive tools to meet your expectations in Communication for your community on Social Networks.

Receive your Commissions!

Receive a minimum of 10% commission directly via PayPal or on your Bank Account for each clothing sale made thanks to you!

Offer a 15% discount on the entire textile collection to your community to allow them to access our products with preferential pricing.


Your WELCOME Gift!

To receive it is simple!

You only need to talk about us in 10 posts and you can combine social networks.
Ex: 1 Facebook post and 1 Instagram post = 2 posts

For your posts to be counted, you must cite us!
To do this, follow us on our Social Networks Facebook and Instagram (we accept posts only on these two Social Networks).

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