Turquoise "Got Wet" Surfwear Cap

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Cap "Got Wet" Turquoise - Add a touch of surf to your look with this exclusive accessory!

Immerse yourself in the world of surfing with the "Got Wet" Turquoise Surfwear Cap, an essential accessory for all board sports enthusiasts, men and women alike. This versatile cap adapts to all styles and will quickly become the key element to affirm your love for surf culture.

Its exclusive design makes it a true symbol of your passion for the waves!

Environmentally friendly design with premium finishes

Our "Got Wet" Turquoise Cap isn't just trendy, it's also eco-friendly. Made from sustainable materials such as organic cotton and organic bamboo visor, it combines exceptional comfort and contribution to the preservation of our planet.

The embossed embroidered badge on the front and the "Got Wet" stitching on the left side add a touch of style and sophistication to this high quality cap!

Adjustable comfort and optimal breathability

We have thought of your comfort in all circumstances. The back of the cap is equipped with a 100% recycled mesh that provides optimal ventilation, allowing you to stay cool even on the hottest days. In addition, its size is adjustable, which guarantees a perfect fit for all body types.

The advantages of the Turquoise "Got Wet" Surfwear Cap:

👫 Unisex
🥇 Got Wet Exclusive
🌟 2 colors
🌿 Organic Cotton Fabrics & Organic Bamboo Visor
🔰 3D embroidered badge on the front
🔝 Text Got Wet Left Stitch
🧢 100% Recycled Mesh Back
👌 Size Adjustable

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