Kitesurf Bar - Savvy Bar XT - Lines 18m + 4m + 2m

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Bar Kitesurf Savvy - The perfect combination of functionality, reliability and simplicity for controlled sessions!

This bar is « Savvy » advised. Elegant, intelligent, safe, functional, resistant and durable. A bar that accompanies you for many sessions, but that does not stick to the border/shock and during loops. New One-click quick release and the bar is ready. It meets all your expectations. Complex, but simple. Renewable in minutes. A bar to hold and see. Clever ?

Enjoy unparalleled stability with a single front line for the flagstick

The Savvy Bar is a four-line system with no additional safety line. When the safety is triggered, one of the front lines acts as a safety line and allows the wing to fully extend without pressure on the other forward line, leaving the wing in a steady position without any power.

The guarantee of a robust and reliable Kitesurf bar for incomparable durability

The Savvy bar was designed with sustainability and longevity of the product, so that all bar parts are quickly and easily replaceable. Even using the best and most durable materials, some parts of the bar will eventually wear out. Fortunately, the bar Savvy is designed in such a way intelligent, allowing it to be replaced or repaired in minutes. The new Savvy is a safe bet!

SCR Quick release - instant release for maximum security

There quick release push away is the most important function of the bar, as it guarantees the user security. The bright red quick release part is still visible and has a shape of easy-to-release ergonomic handle in all conditions and emergencies. Reloading the quick release has never been easier, just put it back in place. It's as simple as that.

New Delta shape: the key to comfort and absolute control

The Savvy Bar features a ergonomic delta shape unique that fits naturally in human hands and is comfortable to hold. The Delta shape of the bar increases grip and reduces hand fatigue.

Kitesurf bar in premium leather - an unrivaled feeling of comfort

Leather coming directly from Italy, abrasion resistant, made expressly for outdoor use guarantees comfort and resistance over time unmatched.

Customizable bar width to suit your riding style

hidden inside the ends from the helm and under the floats, the width adjusters of the bar allow a quick and easy change the width of the bar 45 to 50 centimeters in a fraction of a second.

Keep your bar in perfect condition: easy to replace center inserts

Bar Savvy was designed with the longevity of the product, so that all parts of the bar are quickly and easily replaced. Even if center inserts are made from Delrin plastic top of the line with high abrasion resistance, they will eventually wear out over time. Fortunately, the central inserts are easy to replace and the spare parts are included with the bar.

No more twisting, just action: automatic line untwisting

The Savvy bar features a automatic front line untwist function. After a kiteloop or a 360 rotation, Backloop, simply unscrew your bar to untwist the back lines and pull the bar down to automatically untwist the front lines.

Well-protected Border/Choquer lines for carefree sessions

For a increased durability, the two lines of border/shock are protected by sturdy PU tubing where they cross the bar. THE PU tubing also allow for smooth coating and direct control of the kite. Even in sticky situations, the PU tubes do not stick to the bar. Handling the kite is intuitive, smooth and comfortable!

Depower Clam Cleat: smooth handling for an optimal riding experience

The brand new depower Smart Cleat, originally designed by CrasyFly, and offered strategically just above the bar. It is reached effortlessly, which makes it very comfortable and easy to use, even in the middle of a ride. This year we have also added Velcro on the Smart Cleat, in order to have all the lines firmly fixed where they should be.

Liros lines: trusted German lines for instant responsivenesse

All lines CrazyFly are Liros lines® premium low stretch made in Germany. Unlike others, when a line CrazyFly is pulled, the wing reacts instantly. Traditional lines stretch when pulled and the reactions of the kite are slow and require more input from the rider. With the CrazyFly lines, the steering is direct and requires very light intervention from the pilot. The kite is much more easy to control.

Carry and protect your bar in style in its own storage bag

The Savvy bar is delivered with a bar bag for safe storage, easy travel and to keep all spares or extension bar lines in one place.

Tailor your bar to your preferences with the optional stopper loop

The Savvy bar is Comes standard with a 20cm Freeride stopper loop. A wider 25cm Freestyle stopper loop for unhooking is available for purchase and can be easily and quickly changed on the bar by unscrewing a single screw.

The advantages of the Kitesurf Bar - Savvy Bar XT - Lines 18m + 4m + 2m:


    • The only Bar made in Europe
    • The retractor recovers with a simple click
    • The kite feathers with a simple forward line
    • Ergonomic with its Delta shape
    • Automatic untwisting
    • Adjustable bar width
    • Lines 18m + 4m + 2m

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