"Go With a Smile" Surfwear Hooded Jacket

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The 'Go With a Smile' hooded jacket:A must-have for lovers of casual fashion!

Discover the"Go With a Smile"hooded jacket, unisex and designed with top quality materials. Made from 100% combed organic cotton and certified GOTS, Oeko-Tex, OCS and GRS, this jacket offers a comfortable fit and a warm fabric of 350g. The screen printing is done in France and the fabrics come from the network of the Fair Wear Foundation. The fleece-free brushed interior provides exceptional softness. Opt for style, comfort and commitment with our sweatshirt.

Make the"Go With a Smile"hooded jacket your ally of style and comfort, for a trendy look and a positive attitude at all times!

Why choose our"Go With a Smile"Surfwear Hooded Jacket?

👫 Unisex
🌿 100% combed organic cotton
🌍 GOTS, Oeko-Tex, OCS & GRS certified
🐓 Silkscreen Made in France
👌🏽 Comfortable fit/350g fabric (warm)
🧵 Fabrics from the Fair Wear Foundation network
💕 Brushed interior without fleece (Super Soft)

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